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Welcome home

Mongoose is back. 6 years after launching the brand in May 2009, we are again re-launching the brand.

Let me introduce myself, and explain a little more about Mongoose. I’m Tom, and will be the one writing almost all of the blogs here. I joined Mongoose back in May 2009, just after our initial launch. Along with the CEO, Marcus Codrington Fernandez, I helped grow the brand into one of the top 5 cricket brands in England and oversaw the production of well over 10,000 cricket bats in Cambridgeshire, Sussex and Meerut.

I left the company in 2011, and the company has since dramatically re-structured. We believe we are in a better position than ever to establish ourselves within the cricket industry and build on our reputation of providing innovative, exciting yet high quality products.

We’ll be using this blog to explain a little more about¬†our plans, and to give an inside view into the re-launch of some of the most innovative cricket bats ever to grace cricket pitches. Let’s enjoy the ride!