The challenges of re-invigorating a brand


The challenges of re-invigorating a brand

So, almost exactly 5 months to the day since we relaunched Mongoose. How’s it gone so far?

Well, we’ve had in excess of 150 orders, sold hundreds of bats, shipped equipment to 5 of the 7 continents (I guess the South Americans are too busy playing football, and the Antarctic is hardly cricket paradise) and had something in the region of 40,000 page views on our new website.

How those numbers sound to you, probably depends on how you foresee Mongoose as a brand. But let me tell you, the last 5 months has been a real eye-opener for me. Here’s a few things I’ve learned over the past few months:

  1. The majority of cricket business is still done through large retailers, with the most popular being those win the battle on Google.

    When we launched Mongoose 1st time round, we would sell mainly through retailers. With their support, and often expert knowledge, we were able to tap into various areas of the country and display our bats proudly. Mongoose V2 is currently web-only, meaning we’re having to do a lot more to stay relevant and in front of people. In some ways that’s great, by selling direct we maintain more of the margin and retain more control over the brand. The cricket retailer isn’t dead though, and they’re incredibly important to the industry.

  2. Stock takes and stock management is hard.

    Before coming on board Mongoose had done a stock take. That stock take differs from the stock take which was done the next week, and the week after. And the week after that. Keeping an eye on thousands of bats, which differ only slightly in colour, design or size is difficult. The good news for customers though: we have more stock than we thought, so jump on board for some of our sale stock which is on sale now!

  3. Social media is so important.

    This is a big one that has changed in recent years. Previously most customer service or pre-sales was done via email, or telephone. Now I’d estimate that 60% of CS/Sales queries come via Twitter or Facebook.

And lastly, as we enter the new cricket season – best of luck to all!


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